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    M18*1*67mm - cylindrical ;
    Nickel-plated brass housing;
    Diffuse type with background suppression,100mm;
    DC 4-wire 10-30V;
    Cable version

Product characteristics
Mounting Diffuse type with Backgroud suppression
Version M18*1*67mm, Nickel-plated brass housing
Connections 2M PVC cable
Sensing range 10-100mm
Response time <>
Electrical data
Operating voltage 10-30V DC
Electrical design DC 4-wire, PNP
Switching frequency 1000Hz
Light type Infrared light 880nm/Red light 650nm
Output mode Light on+Dark on
Load current 100mA
Monitoring range
Sn 10-100mm
Adjustment Single-turn potentiometer
Start-up delay <>
Light immunity <>
Operating temperature -25...55℃
Operating humidity 35-85%
Mechanical data
Material housing Brass, nickel-plated
Material active face PMMA
Operating LED Yellow
Electrical connection
Connectors PVC cable/2m
Parts None

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