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Mar. 25, 2017-澳门永利娱乐场(独一)官网-澳门永利平台-js75a.com

Du Duke products after more than 10 years of development applied to all walks of life, including: industrial automation, communications, electronic products, automotive industry and special equipment.

(Current, voltage, etc.) and physical quantities (motion, speed, load, and strength), as well as various measurement process variables (temperature, level, pressure, flow, etc.), and the measurement of electronic properties (current, voltage, etc.) and physical quantities The traditional proximity / positioning sensor is developing rapidly.

Communications electronics: a substantial increase in mobile phone production and new features of mobile phones to the sensor market to bring opportunities and challenges, color mobile phones and camera phone market share rising the number of sensors in the field of application. In addition, the ultrasonic sensors used in the group telephone and the cordless telephone, the magnetic field sensor for the magnetic storage medium, etc. will appear to grow strongly.

The key to the level of the electronic control system of the modern limousine is the number and level of pressure sensors. At present, an ordinary household car is installed with a few dozen to nearly 100 sensors, and the number of sensors on a luxury car can be More than two hundred species, usually more than 30 species, as many as hundreds of species.

Special equipment: special equipment, including medical, environmental protection, meteorological and other fields of professional application of electronic equipment. The current medical field is a huge sales of sensors, a considerable profit in emerging markets, the field requires the sensor to the miniaturization, low cost and high reliability direction.

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